May 24 , 2016 /


Have you noticed how often you get a notice that a piece of software or an application needs to be “updated” and “downloaded” to be sure that you have the latest and greatest whatever?   It seems to me that it’s at least a weekly function like filling the gas tank or going to the grocery.  It cleans up the old and now you’re all fueled up and filled up.  I just did one for iOS 9 point something and iOS10 is supposed to debut in the Fall alongside a new iPhone 7.  Jeez, I just updated to iPhone 6.   Here’s my concern.

Why do things go out of date so quickly?  Is there some kind of conspiracy like a new car model every year in order to boost sales?  Oh yes, there are improvements and sometimes, on rare occasions, increased speed and efficiency. I am not persuaded that faster is always better.  In fact, I now believe, and there’s some evidence to support this, that slowing down is healthier and more productive, especially when it comes to mental tasks.  I have suspected built in obsolescence since the advent of Apple.  My old MacBook G-4 from 2006, worked just fine.  So why did I succumb to a new 13″ Mac Book Pro Late 2011?  Was it the Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB?  Honestly, that means nothing to me.  I’m just glad the damn thing works most of the time, doesn’t get viruses, delivers what I need in terms of communication, files and storage and the rest I leave to the techhies. Yes, it’s a great design and user-friendly but I am no longer dependent on the hardware or software for what means the most these days.  Must be one of the great benefits of “retirement” or shifting gears and enjoying the ride.

I no longer have the need or the desire to try staying current with too many things, too many people, too many contacts.  It’s simply too much so I am in the process of cutting back, cutting out and cutting down.  I may even Link Out of Linked In.  I belong to very few groups online or otherwise.

If I offend anyone in the process, I will send my apologies ahead of time.  I doubt it will be traumatic for any of them but I have concluded I want to spend what time I have in activities other than software updates.  I find it’s a little like too much traffic that makes me wait while there’s a space for me to enter and continue.  I think I’ll just use my new GPS to avoid the traffic.  Thank you very much.

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