August 31 , 2014 /


Part of my morning meditation included reading this article by Margaret Wheatley: // and that took me back to all the times we have crossed a border, north, south, east or west. 
What I found was that regardless of country, language or culture, people are all of the same species, homo sapiens, although one has to question the wisdom part.  That we are the only surviving members of this genus is quite amazing when you review the history of wars, poverty, hunger and disease. 
I believe our survival has more to do with our being fairly adept at communication such as language and art for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. We have created many cooperating and competing groups, from families to countries. 
Our very human desire to understand and influence our environment, and explain and manipulate phenomena, has been the foundation for the development science and religion.  And both have created enormous conflicts in our world and why?   Is it because of the old territorial imperative, pride, jealousy or some psychological need for control?
Right now, the world seems a little wacked out over some big differences in values and consequent behavior of how we human beings treat each other.  On the one hand you have compassion, kindness and love and on the other side of the fence what seems like cold-heartedness, cruelty and hatred.
Each side is trying to prevail through various means and neither negotiation nor force is resolving very much.  The conflicts and disagreements continue to reinforce the boundaries and separation rather than breaking down those things that keep us apart and prevent our cooperation and collaboration to solve some of the common issues that affect everyone.
Sometimes it is like a bad dream and we hope that we will wake up and it will be over but such is clearly not the case.  Some of us have hope that the next generation of children growing up will do a better job at all of this and more, and make the world safer, healthier and more friendly. However, it is really up to us to do what we can while we can to erase those things that keep us apart and strengthen those things that bring us together around common concern for our mutual well-being.

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