Fifty-Five Words: Count ’em

January 24 , 2018 /

Fifty-Five Words: Count ’em

A few years ago

I started a writing exercise.

Short vignettes in 55 words

With a photo for each one.

I saved and filed them,

Added a few more along the way.

Now I’m in the design and layout stage.

Publication is slated for June.

The proposed title “Pearls From An Irritated Mind”

Makes me smile.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Jean. My mind is a constant source of “irritation” albeit mild. If it can produce a pearl now and then, all the better.
      Hope all is going well in LDM. Missing you and see you this Spring up here.

  1. What a wonderful idea! So many words are being wasted on futilities. It is great that someone finally takes the time to distillate the essence of life into meaningful thoughts. Even better when that is someone you love and respect! Can’t wait to read all these little gems. Not sure I made it, but count’em!

    1. Yep, I count 55 if you count count’em as one word and I do. A good exercise, yes? Helps the mind to focus and concentrate. Writing does the same thing regardless of the format. You have to think not only about the words but also the meaning of those words when they are put together.

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