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 By Kelly Kass, Guest Author from New York City, a writer and communications consultant. To learn more about Kelly visit www.kellykasseditorial.com, https://www.facebook.com/KellyKassEditorial or follow her on Twitter at @KelKass.  PHOTO also by Kelly “Under A Milwaukee Bridge”

A recent trending topic on Twitter had hashtaggers posting their thoughts on what makes life more beautiful. This got me to thinking. What does enhance our days and nights these days?

For me, it’s the little things in life that are worth cherishing; the types of things that many people take for granted because they’re too busy texting their friends or posting their latest selfies on Instagram. If you look up from your phones, you just might be delighted by what you observe.

So here it goes. My Top 5 picks on things to embrace as you try to navigate the complex journey called life.

  1. Nature: No, I’m not a tree-hugger, but I do try to take the time to stop and smell the honeysuckle from time to time. As a writer, I’m often on the computer for hours at a time, which is why it’s important to get up, take a break and get outside when you can. Whether it’s for 30 minutes or an hour, a walk around the neighborhood does the body good – both mentally and physically.
  2. Kindess: Sounds like a no-brainer, right? In actuality, it isn’t. Living a hectic lifestyle in fast-paced in New York City sometimes come with a few rude encounters. So on days where I encounter warmth, courtesy and pleasant banter (including a “good morning” from a perfect stranger!), it definitely puts a smile on my face. The same holds true for texts, phone calls and emails – an extra thanks, compliment or how are you can go a long way!
  3. Unity: In a time of divisive politics and troubling headlines, it’s always refreshing to see people coming together, not growing apart. On a recent trip to Milwaukee, my friend and I stumbled upon a lively dance party under a bridge, complete with a DJ and disco ball! Looking around, I was moved by the diversity of the crowd, people of all ages, races, nationalities, dancing and smiling together on a lovely summer night. That’s the way life should be, which brings me to my fourth pick.
  4. Music: There’s something about music that strikes a chord with me (no pun intended!). It elevates moods, environments, and gets the creative juices flowing. I often play music while I write, which helps to tune out exterior “noise” and keep me focused.
  5. Conversation: These days, much of our conversations are limited to 140 characters or amusing emojis, which is why meaningful conversations can be a breath of fresh air when you experience them. Instead of waiting for a person to finish their thought so you can respond and shift the conversation to yourself, why not take the time to really listen to the person and offer valuable insight and support? Give and take is crucial for relationship building – both personal and professional. And when you’re conversing with others, always try to throw in a little humor when you can – laughter is a great way to lighten the mood and reduce stress levels!

So if you find yourself getting sucked into grueling routines and waves of negativity, don’t be afraid to take five and follow my five suggestions for making life just a bit more beautiful.

 www.kellykasseditorial.com, https://www.facebook.com/KellyKassEditorial on Twitter at @KelKass.

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  1. It’s a great list! Over the past few years I’ve thought a lot about how I’d define the meaning of life. For me, what makes life the most wonderful is connection. When we open our hearts and minds to others and connect beyond the superficial, life expands exponentially. I think you’re getting at that here too!


    1. Thanks, Alli, for your continuing insights and your support. Both mean a lot to me. Gratitude for this one goes to Kelly Kass, my guest author, whose contribution to the ongoing conversation is significant from where I sit. Love the exponential expansion image, like taking a big, deep, long breath, Ahhhhhh!

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