EAGERSHIP – Eagerness to Lead

December 10 , 2017 /

EAGERSHIP – Eagerness to Lead

EAGERSHIP – the ability, appetite and desire to lead…..eager leadership

Ten characteristics of the eager leader:

  1. Earned respect, trust and confidence from others
  2. Integrity, honesty, transparency
  3. Professional behavior and appearance
  4. Excellent communication skills, both verbal & written
  5. Knowledge based on experience, research, hard work
  6. Capacity to make difficult decisions and make them stick
  7. Skill in managing conflict and crisis
  8. Recognition and appreciation of others’ good work
  9. Strong interpersonal connections and relationships
  10. Strategic and tactical in both thought and actions

Whether seeking a leadership role or being asked to take one, two of the more defining aspects that we looked for in recruiting executives was the “appetite and desire” to lead. In recent years, many people have boiled those down into “passion” which can be seen and felt in a variety of ways.

It should be obvious that a leader needs to believe strongly in his or her personal and organizational “mission” and those beliefs need to be translated into meaningful purpose and actions. A leader without goals is like a ship without a rudder or a compass. You have to know what direction you want to go and how to get there.  As an eager leader you must also know how to set the pace, not going too fast, nor too slow.

Passion, skill, experience and success are all powerful ingredients and yet there is no recipe or formula that will guarantee a desired outcome. Even those who have been successful in one place cannot be sure that will work in a different environment or culture with different people and personalities.

There appears to be a dearth of trusted leaders in today’s world, at every level, and thus the need for those willing to step up to the invitation and challenge. Could this be your time to accept or to seek such a position? If you have the characteristics of the “eager leader” please consider where you might be of service. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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  1. Passion. Everyone talks about it. What it looks like. What it feels like. To me, passion in motion, and part of being an eager leader is what it felt like in my favorite job. I was not “the leader” but the work sparked something inside of me. I stayed up late thinking about work, couldn’t wait to get into the office and the best part of the long hours? It was so much fun. Seriously. It was like getting paid to play. In that role (it was a consulting job) I created ripples for my client, the contractors I engaged, and for my career. What I’ll never forget is that desire to be a part of it not alone – but with so many others who were a part of the remarkable experience.

    Part of me wishes it could be like that again. I could live it again. Do it over and over. I also know that it will never happen again just like that but the eager leader inside of me knows that was only one assignment. It’s up to me to create what’s next.

    Thanks for getting me thinking and feeling so energized!


    1. Your energy is contagious and your story of that time “getting paid to play” is worth keeping, remembering and yes, repeating.
      When you get up every morning looking forward to doing what you love and then they pay you for it, it’s all good. Being who you are every day, showing up and being “passion in motion” is simply the best. It’s the fuel that feeds the fire. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy getting you thinking and seeing your good work

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