December 20 , 2022 /


Making something new or doing something you have never done before can be a creative act of learning, growing and changing.  Perhaps you need to let go of something old in order to have space and time for something new.  It could be a new skill, a new activity, a new connection, a new project, a new job, a new relationship or any number of answers to “What’s new?”


A number of schools set aside “maker spaces” where students could experiment with something they had never tried before, given appropriate guidance, support and resources.  The results were surprisingly good and many students increased their enthusiasm for learning that transferred to other subjects and topics for further exploration and discovery. The same could be true for adults who have their own “maker space.”


The creative act is seen most easily in artists, musicians, dancers and many authors and poets.  Their outward expression is borne from an inward passion that they feel deeply and keenly and is fulfilled when they harness that passion to purpose and thus find the way to share their work, that which they love the most.  When we can identify and put our finger on that which means the most to us, there is a better chance we can bring it into being.


We can look to Creation itself and how it seems to be always in a process of continual renewal and creating, whether a new day, new growth or trying to maintain homeostasis and a healthy ecosystem.  We can be active participants in that process by immersing ourselves in the elements and sensing the connections, perhaps finding some clues there to our own creative abilities.



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