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There are 31 days in this month and this 30 day Bold Experiment ends today.  The bold part was taking it on and seeing if we could meet the challenge, not all that great, nonetheless, a daily commitment.  The experimental part of this exercise was writing a short post for each day as a way of looking and listening to the internal as well what we might consider as the eternal.  The external parts are intended to enrich the internal, a kind of dialogue between those two parts of our lives, what one says to the other and how the other responds.  There is a rhythm to the music we hear as there is a dance between what we see and do and what we think and feel.  External blessing the internal and the internal blessing the external in this exchange of gifts.


If this experiment has been useful for you in some way, I am grateful for making a contribution to your own experiment.  Whether you read one post or more doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you take the time for your own meditation and reflections and see where they take you and what they have in store for you.  An experiment is a process to see what we can discover.  I wanted to try some short thought pieces rather than the regular, longer ones.  The shortest post was less than 100 words; the longest was Day One, 562 words including the introduction.  The average was around 300 words, an easy, quick read for most.


As this experiment comes to a close, one small celebration is having reached the goal.  When we reach the end of one thing, it is often the beginning of another.  Tomorrow is the last day of 2022 and what are we to make of that as well as heading into 2023?  I wondered why I chose 30 days instead of 31 and now I remember.  I wanted this exercise not to be tied to any one month although this month of December prompted some thoughts because it was December.  It was a good time for the experiment and helped me focus on a number of the topics over the 30 days.

Editing for clarity and mistakes is a continuing process.  My regular, weekly blogs, on a variety of topics, on no specific schedule, will resume soon.  If you want to subscribe, there is no fee and I am not selling anything.  Some of the themes include change, musings on observations, aging and living well, learning, relationships, and sharing what I have found that has meaning and value for me.

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  1. There can be something very uplifting for the spirit and mind in the mere first step of attempting something brand new, something that stretches us in ways that we didn’t know that we were capable of, something that reveals our elasticity no matter how ‘old’ we may think ourselves to be. Better yet, we find ourselves in a state of ‘be better’ when we realize that we have come to ‘the end’ of our designed experiment and have results that help us evaluate the hypothesis that we started with… and we can know design a new, even a better experiment for our next bold journey. A great way to start again and anew, don’t you think? Bring on the gifts and adventures of 2023!

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