December 14 , 2022 /


We see the reports, the data having to do with temperature, wind, barometric pressure, whether or not there is any precipitation in the form of rain, snow or sleet, maybe even other details like sunrise and sunset.   We look ahead at predictions in order to be prepared or to know what to wear. One thing is certain about the weather in most places.  It will change whether with the seasons or prevailing conditions day by day.


Bill Bryson gets some credit for saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”  Perhaps he’s right and even in the extremes of heat or cold, clothing makes a big difference whether near the ocean, in the mountains, the desert or the plains and valleys that distinguish one region from another.


Recent weather extremes from hurricanes to tornadoes, floods and fires, rain and snow, intense storms and both hot and cold temperatures catch our attention because of terms like record setting, historic and climate crisis.  Let’s also remember earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis in some parts of the world.  It may not be the planet that is so fragile but rather its ability to sustain life as we know it.  Two opposing views are 1) that we need to cut back on things like consumption and carbon emissions; the other view is that advancing technologies are going to solve or at least moderate the problems.  Each has its merits for consideration.

Weather affects all of us and each of us differently according to where we live, where we travel, whether or not we have to work or be outdoors in different conditions AND where we choose to be at specific times for a change. We control indoor conditions, not so much outdoors and therefore, we adjust accordingly.

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