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Today, begin noticing your surroundings in some detail, eyes wide open to shapes, colors, designs and little things.  Whether you are inside or out of doors will change the view so let’s start with indoors and notice where and how you are sitting.  Secondly, if you look straight ahead what do you see?  Now look to your left and mentally record your observations and as many details as you can register.  Next, look to your right and notice the similarities and differences.  And finally, look behind you and see how that view is different from all the others besides not being able to see without moving your body.  The other three positions were accomplished by just moving your head, straight on, left and right.


Now go back and look again in each of the four directions and see what you may have missed on your first views as you take it all in visually.  As you review your views, notice any thoughts about anything you saw and whether there was anything that especially captured your attention that you might want to explore further for any special meaning to you personally.


Your outdoor environment will offer an opportunity to explore the natural world in some detail and this is also best done initially by sitting quietly in one place. Walking provides a constantly changing view so we will postpone that until later.  For now, just sit inside in a comfortable position and look both far and near to notice the differences and details.

Consider your thoughts and feelings about what you are seeing and appreciate this gift of sight as you take in and record your observations.

See what you come away with during your reflections.


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  1. Moments of observation can create beautiful stillness… I see the the evergreen in front of me outside the window, the silvery curtains to my left, the mirror on the wall to my right… and behind me? That’s a new perspective… I see a series of paintings… The power of observation – how often we take it for granted, don’t we?

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