July 27 , 2022 /


Want to have a different kind of day?  Try these 8 steps for a dose of daily different.


  1. Start when you wake up (without an alarm if possible) with 5 minutes of quiet meditation.  Do not think about what you have to do.  Do nothing except embrace the silence.


  1. Spend the next few minutes writing down 3 things for which you are grateful. Begin the day with an attitude of gratitude.


  1. Eat a healthy breakfast and choose one from many that are readily available.


  1. Find a quote, mantra or word for the day and repeat it 3 times so you can call it up anytime during the rest of the day.


  1. At some point during the day, try to get in a walk or jog for at least 30 minutes.


  1. Before beginning any kind of work, set your intentions consciously before immersing yourself in that work. What are your objectives and what do you hope to achieve?


  1. Call someone you haven’t talked to for over a month, friend or family member, to check in and see how they’re doing.


  1. At the end of the day, take time for a review and reflect on what went well, what could have been better and then put it away by letting it slip into the past before going to sleep. Say thank you and wrap the day in the arms of gratitude.


Living fully in the present, being aware and conscious of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors takes practice like any other skill.  It doesn’t happen all by itself.  A daily dose of different helps have a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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