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November 25 , 2019 /


This week of Thanksgiving is an opportunity to expand your circle of gratitude to be more inclusive to take some additional time to thank people personally who serve all the time in one way or another,  Make it a point each day to consciously and intentionally go the extra mile, speak directly a word of thanks to someone, make that phone call, write the note, send a text that expresses your personal gratitude for who they are and what they do.

From The Thanksgiving Reader: “We take pause to celebrate that we each can and do make
meaning for our own lives; by the deeds we do, to make the world a better and a more humane home
for all. Every day offers us the opportunity to make a difference not just in our own lives but in the
lives of others. We offer our hands, our minds and our hearts to help all those who seek to
make the world a better place.”  Thanksgiving Reader  

When we celebrate a holiday that is particularly focused on harvest and home, on family gatherings, often around a table laden with various foods, let’s take a moment and remember the hands and the people who planted, grew and harvested, those who processed, packaged and delivered, and those who supplied our needs accordingly.  Then finally the careful and loving preparation and presentation for our nourishment and sustenance.  So much that is both visible and invisible.

This morning at 8 AM, five guys showed up at our front door to take down an old, sick Russian Olive tree just outside.  Working collaboratively and efficiently, they had it down and cleaned up within an hour.  When I went outside to thank them for a job well done, their smiles said it all, how much being appreciated means to people who work to benefit others.  I also went inside and called their supervisor and relayed my thanks to him for having such a great crew of grounds people.

My plan for the week is to find a special occasion each day for highlighting special thanks to workers of all kinds whether in stores and shops or offices and stations, in person directly and indirectly through other means mentioned earlier.  Make this week full of extra gratitude by expanding that circle however you choose.  And to you, thanks for reading and Happy Giving Thanks!


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  1. I’m grateful for your connection, Gary. Thanks for the reminder to express gratitude for a job well done. People are often quick to complain but forget to give thanks. Just this morning I walked outside while my mail was being delivered. I watched her shoving my package into the small space in my box from the window but by the time I got outside, it was in the box. She looked startled I was there when I said “Good morning. You got it in!” She was still looking at me suspiciously when she said, “yes.” All I added was “Thanks so much. Have a great day.” She smiled and left. I’d never spoken to her before as she usually zips by quickly on her motorcycle during delivery time. She may not be seen, but I appreciate and am grateful for what she does on a daily basis. Yes, it’s her job, but if we can’t be grateful for small things every day, we’re missing out.


  2. And thanks to you as well for your continuing support and connecting.. Interesting in that words that express gratitude, kindness and appreciation are readily available and we often have the feelings and yet don’t take the extra time or make the effort to share them more freely.
    I believe it has to be genuine, authentic and not merely some kind of social nicety. Thanks can fall off the lips as lightly as air but when we add something specific and concrete, it backs up the words with a bit more depth. Or so it seems to me. Happy Thanks giving to you and your family from the U,S. and from us.

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