April 15 , 2021 /


It has been a hellacious year for many reasons, with Covid being the most challenging and the lack of leadership at the top right behind it, actually contributing to the 564,000 deaths in the U.S. alone and 2.97 million world-wide.   I wondered what I was thinking about a year ago, so reached back, and here

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January 7 , 2021 /


BELIEFS, VALUES & ACTIONS Reflections in the light today, January 7, 2021 I grew up having seen the violence and hate born out of fear and insecurity that spawned World War II.  I saw that we were fighting against white supremacy and an authoritarian regime bent on destroying those who were seen as the opposition. 

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December 29 , 2020 /


As we come to the end of 2020, like no other year we have endured, and we look ahead, what are we to make of this experience? Is it a review of what happened and how we responded? Is it a time to make promises that next year will be different? Or better? Could it

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December 24 , 2020 /


It was the day before Christmas and all through the land No one was playing, not even the band. Some people were traveling from near or far Few by airplane, some by car. Many were troubled by visions in their head Of loved ones in families who now are dead. Daughters and sons with tears

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November 18 , 2020 /


Most of us know first-hand about glitches that disrupt the smooth running of anything from a computer to a giant insurance company, to a corporate blunder in production (think recalls), to our own lives in matters of relationships, work, health or travel. My point in writing about this experience is not so much to describe

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November 1 , 2020 /


This piece was inspired not by changing clocks but being changed by them, moving AZ from the Pacific Zone to the Mountain Zone while our clocks stayed the same. Whether you use a metronome, a calendar or a clock, most people set about measuring and keeping track of time one way or another.   We cannot

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