October 12 , 2020 /


I continue to observe our behaviors as human beings through learning and understanding how people develop over time, or in some cases, don’t.  I have looked at how we think, what motivates us, how we acquire our values and beliefs and why we do what we do. I worked in schools, universities and hospitals. I

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October 10 , 2020 /


Although it’s Fall here in the northern hemisphere and the deciduous tree leaves change color and fall off in preparation for new growth, this is not about a favorite season.  There may however, be some similarities and I will trust you will be able to see what those are between the shedding of leaves and

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September 8 , 2020 /


There’s a saying around our house, “When we make plans, God laughs.”  I have tried parsing that numerous times without a lot of success and sometimes, it’s after plans go awry for one reason or another that we have to laugh. We know about hindsight.  It’s perfectly clear.   We know a fair amount about insight. 

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