March 20 , 2012 /


In the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, 2012, at 1:14 A.M. (EDT) Spring officially arrived on this part of the planet.  When I learned about the Southern Hemisphere many years ago, I wondered how the good people there connected Spring to Easter.  I am not sure I still understand it completely, but having been in

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March 15 , 2012 /

The Effective and Efficient Leader

Leaders have an enormous array of expectations placed on them by a variety of types and kinds of people from Boards of Directors to employees.  How does one meet the needs of different constituencies and still have the time and energy for a personal life? Communicating with confidence and clarity, delegating wisely and being accessible

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February 29 , 2012 /


I just read somewhere that if you want an extra day, you just had one.  What did you do with it? The reference was to February 29,  being Leap Day and if you didn’t catch the recent 30 Rock episode devoted to a celebration of Leap Day, find it.  It’s worth a chuckle or two,

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February 25 , 2012 /

Honoring Dad – February 24, 1912

My Dad would have been 100 yesterday and my thoughts about him included a lot of memories that are both vivid and meaningful.  In my 75th year, I have now lived ten years beyond what he was given. During those 42 years that I knew him, loved him and was guided and inspired by him,

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February 12 , 2012 /

It’s About Time!

–> Here is an interesting phrase, “taking time off” because one can not really ever turn time off.  What we mean is “time out” from the usual and ordinary, perhaps to invest in the unusual and extraordinary.   Like it says in the old ads for Timex, it just keeps on ticking and one day,

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January 17 , 2012 /

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Whether this was a bumper sticker or just intended as a catchy slogan, the message is fairly clear.  First of all, it does not ask a question.  It’s in the imperative voice and asks for a choice or a response.  You may or may not choose to lead.  You may or may not choose to

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