Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators

August 2 , 2012 /


I posed the question about what people were curious about and the following six people responded with these rather interesting questions and musings.  I commend them to you in the interest of your own curiosity.  What piques your curiosity? CS Why do I (and many others as we get older) wake up at 3 am?Will

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February 13 , 2012 /

Learning from Choice and Consequence

Some years ago I learned that over 85% of adolescents believe that consequences can only be negative, undesirable and to be avoided.  When I explained that it’s possible to have a good consequence the kids thought that was an oxymoron or a contradiction of terms.  I said that consequence is synonymous with result and that

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November 17 , 2011 /


Join a small group of colleagues in a fabulous setting for a unique experience!“Leading is building collaborative energy, listening, asking questions, discerning and helping a group move forward with a purposeful, shared vision.”  GRGNovember 13-16: Deciding to Lead: The Art and Experience of Leadership,  JUST CONCLUDED! – 30 participants from all over the U.S. – 

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