October 15 , 2016 /

Lessons Learned in Years of Leadership

I have been and continue to be a student of human motivation, human development and human behavior. I have worked in schools, universities and hospitals. I learned about organizational development and how systems worked. I also learned why sometimes they didn’t work.  It seemed to me that a system worked because it was designed with

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July 21 , 2016 /


Psyche was a Princess, the youngest of the three daughters, and her beauty prompted the jealousy and envy of Venus (Aphrodite). In order to avenge herself, the goddess ordered Amor (Eros) to inspire Psyche with a love for the most contemptible of all men, but Amor was so stricken with her beauty that he fell

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April 29 , 2016 /


Making a tough decision and making it stick is but one challenge of a leader in charge.  An executive decision requires more than using that part of your brain called “executive functioning” which is officially defined as “a set of cognitive abilities that control and regulate other abilities and behaviors. Executive functions are necessary for

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April 2 , 2016 /


I’m a quitter.  In my first year of my first graduate school in 1959, I didn’t like it and I wanted to quit.   It did not seem like a good fit and although I was succeeding academically, I was not happy in pursuing those studies.  So, I decided about mid way through that first year

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March 23 , 2016 /


  Like many of you, I write down my thoughts and experiences from time to time, keep a journal on occasion around travel, maintain a blog and use social media, mostly Twitter and LinkedIn, for a variety of purposes.  I have written several books, numerous articles, and have a web site, in need of an

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February 12 , 2016 /

A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE – Taking a measure of days

  Looking ahead to the start of my 80th year in a few months. I am enormously grateful just to do that. I am healthy for the most part, still active physically and mentally, as far as I know, and I am enjoying wonderful opportunities for work and play, days of re-creation.  My days begin

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