May 27 , 2013 /

The Seven C’s of Competent Leadership

1. Communication that is clear, concise, compelling and timely.  Stay in touch with customers’  information that keeps them connected 2. Collaboration that is supportive and encouraging.  It takes time, effort and energy,  but the results are compelling. 3. Confidence that inspires mutual trust, mutual respect and the open sharing of information, otherwise known as transparency

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May 25 , 2013 /

Is 21st Century Education Obsolete?

Can you imagine using a cell phone that is 10 years old?  I have seen a few but not many.  Driving a 10-year- old car has become more possible since that is merely a 2003 model and cars haven’t radically changed all that much in terms of performance, especially as they enable you to get

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April 10 , 2013 /

Trauma, Tragedy and Coping

Life is filled with surprises, sad and glad, and most of us know by now that life can change on a dime or be turned upside down (or even right side up) in an instant.  Life is fragile, precious, and at best unpredictable.  It’s good to make plans, even if God laughs, as it’s some

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February 27 , 2013 /

Five Internal Perspectives on Leadership

–>  Here is a brief summary of what leaders must deal with internally, almost all the time. 1-    Understanding the difference between your work and your job. Work is your passion, what you care about the most whether reaching goals, accomplishing big projects or meaningful personal relationships with colleagues. Your job is what you have

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February 2 , 2013 /

Giving Yourself a Gift of Time and Space

This piece was originally written a year ago and this is a revised update. This interesting phrase, “taking time off” doesn’t mean much because one can not really ever turn time off.  What we mean is “time out” from the usual and ordinary, perhaps to invest in the unusual and extraordinary.   Like it says

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June 6 , 2012 /


With gratitude to Peter Senge, who talks often about decentralizing the role of leadership in order to enhance the capacity of all people to work toward healthier human systems, I offer these observations, insights and experiences. As leaders, we are acutely aware of trying to meet the needs of multiple constituencies – directors, associates, colleagues,

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