April 10 , 2013 /

Trauma, Tragedy and Coping

Life is filled with surprises, sad and glad, and most of us know by now that life can change on a dime or be turned upside down (or even right side up) in an instant.  Life is fragile, precious, and at best unpredictable.  It’s good to make plans, even if God laughs, as it’s some

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February 27 , 2013 /

Five Internal Perspectives on Leadership

–>  Here is a brief summary of what leaders must deal with internally, almost all the time. 1-    Understanding the difference between your work and your job. Work is your passion, what you care about the most whether reaching goals, accomplishing big projects or meaningful personal relationships with colleagues. Your job is what you have

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February 23 , 2013 /

Violence, Videos and Many Voices

I wrote the following piece some five years ago but when I saw that the app of the day (2/21/13) was Gun Bros 2, I thought it might be time to re-issue it.   The debate and conversations about gun control and our culture of violence continues to put people on opposite sides of the issues

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February 11 , 2013 /

Organizational Check-Up

Here are four words, huge in their implications, challenging in their applications, and sometimes confusing in their descriptions.  The following comments are my brief take on each of the words and their meanings, at least for me in the past, present and possible future.  As Yogi (Berra) said, “It’s very hard to make predictions, especially

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February 2 , 2013 /

Giving Yourself a Gift of Time and Space

This piece was originally written a year ago and this is a revised update. This interesting phrase, “taking time off” doesn’t mean much because one can not really ever turn time off.  What we mean is “time out” from the usual and ordinary, perhaps to invest in the unusual and extraordinary.   Like it says

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September 28 , 2012 /


I was called recently by a school head to see if I would be interested in helping him and a few others look at their most recent strategic plan and explore ways that it might be renewed, revitalized and given some new life and energy.  At least that is what I heard in his question.  

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