December 16 , 2014 /


A colleague asked me to write something about curiosity and in so doing I wondered about what it is that makes us curious.  When we see or hear something about which we want to know more, what is it that propels us to explore in more depth and detail toward a greater level of understanding?  

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December 13 , 2014 /


We grow up in this country believing that freedom is perhaps the most important value that one can hold and cherish.   The following sentence has often been called one of, if not the most famous in the world, and has been used repeatedly to bear witness to that belief.  “We hold these truths to be

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December 7 , 2014 /


Atul Gawande’s recent book, Being Mortal:Medicine and What Matters in the End, takes a good look at how we, and the medical community, deal with people in the later years of their lives. For those of us with aging parents or who ourselves are already past the midpoint, whatever that may be, there are some

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December 4 , 2014 /


You may have seen the story coming from the University of Texas and the mystery of 100 missing brains.  It seems they were destroyed in 2002.  They were getting rid of “biological waste” either due to lack of use or no longer needed for neuroscience research. Regardless of the reasons, it started my brain to

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November 26 , 2014 /


Earlier this month, we held our annual Santa Fe Seminar with about 30 people from all over the country in attendance.  There was a contingent from California but also people from the Midwest and East as well.  Leadership and Design ( holds a number of workshops, seminars and gatherings and the one in Santa Fe

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November 15 , 2014 /

ORGANIZATION WELLNESS CHECK (another reprise or for some a surprise)

How well is it working?  Here are four indicators that you might review to get a better idea of where things stand according to these criteria.  They may suggest where you might want to consider a shift to something different in order to perform at a more efficient or productive level.   Structure –  How is

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