October 15 , 2017 /


We often engage in a variety of work over a lifetime because of who we are and what appeals to us. I seldom took a job just to be employed. My jobs were choices from a myriad of opportunities, thus I could say yes to work that was more about who I am than my

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October 6 , 2017 /

Letter to Young Mother About Her Son

I had a phone call yesterday from a young mother whom I know fairly well expressing concern about her 5th grade son.  I also know the son and have had occasions to relate to him, to observe him in different situations so I am not without some hard data. Fifth grade boys are an anomaly

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July 20 , 2017 /

REAL EDUCATION: Finding Joy in Excellence

Guest author, 96 year-old Dr. John A. Blaschke, shares his early learning experiences that have stayed with him throughout his life and his distinguished career.  In his own words: “WWII Naval Aviator where I learned discipline of self and the discipline of a greater cause. Graduate of Univ. Oklahoma College of Medicine 1950 made possible

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December 14 , 2016 /


Many of us go about our work without being concerned about the rewards of what we do. We have chosen a profession (or been chosen by it because it called to us) of serving others. What we do is because of who we are and not that who we are is defined by what we

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December 7 , 2016 /


Many of us have grown up with the philosophy, and in a culture, that says whatever we are doing, whatever we are making, could be better. Some of it may well stem from (TQM) Total Quality Management which can be traced back to early 1920s. That is when statistical theory was first applied to product

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July 27 , 2016 /


WHO ARE YOU? Each of us has a name by which we have become known, a name given to us by our parents, a name sometimes chosen at random, or from a list of popular names, sometimes by family traditions, and sometimes with special meaning. In some cultures a name has particular significance with regard

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