February 18 , 2024 /


I am not a vegetarian nor a rabid carnivore. I believe in moderation in eating and am fortunate to enjoy an inclusive, diverse diet .  Given a choice between meat or fresh fruits and veggies, I will take the latter.  Carne (meat, especially beef) plays large in the diets and menus in Argentina and Chile. 

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February 11 , 2024 /


In Italian and Venetian, Argentina (masculine argentino) means”(made) of silver, silver colored”, derived from the Latin “argentum” for silver. The earliest description of the region by the word Argentina has been found on a Venetian map in 1536. Silver and leather crafts and products are sold everywhere, even in gift shops at gas stations.  

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February 6 , 2024 /


I wondered why Rio de Janeiro?   The Portuguese arrived January 1, 1507 at Guanabara Bay and mistakenly thought it was the mouth of a river and named it in honor a saint.  St. Sebastian de Rio de Janeiro.   The cathedral in Rio is St. Sebastian and 70% of Brazil is Catholic.  Rio was the capital

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February 1 , 2024 /


Leaving Friday, February 2, from Mexico City (MEX) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) by way of San Paulo  (GRU).  It’s an overnight flight and I’m hoping for several hours of good sleeping.  This is the beginning of our two-week adventure in South America.   We like to travel, evidenced by 20+ years to a variety

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January 26 , 2024 /


When unexpected news comes as a gift or a blessing, I wonder, why me?   I can document a series of unexpected, glad surprises that began early my life and continue without any great effort on my part.  I am grateful for each and all of those and most of the time I have an optimistic,

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January 20 , 2024 /


I shared some bits in this blog previously, notably in ‘Life, Death and In Between” published December 11, 2023.   There are glad surprises and sad surprises.  This post is mostly about ones that are sad, so I promise that the next post will be about glad surprises.  The reality is that life is full

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