March 25 , 2023 /


I am not changing my name but I am planning to change the name of my blog.  For 12 years it has had the inauspicious and generic title, BLOG. Each Blog has its own title specific to the topic.  It went from being hosted on Blogspot to become a page on my web site managed

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February 20 , 2023 /


I wrote much of this post about 5 years ago and was reminded of it recently by one of my subscribers who remembered it.  I forgot to ask what was it that caught the attention of the reader.  Regardless, here it is with some editing, revising and updating. I have long been passionate about teaching

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January 30 , 2023 /


Thousands of years of wisdom literature have used the techniques of oral storytelling that was then disseminated in written form.  The collections include the wisdom literature from Sumeria and Babylonia, among the most ancient in the world, with the Sumerian documents dating back to the third millennium BC and and the Babylonian dating to the

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January 6 , 2023 /


When you see, read or hear these two words, “CHANGE PLANS” how do you regard the word change?  Is it an action verb, an imperative to change your plans?   Or is it a noun, the act or process of change?   Or is it an adjective describing plans as in wedding plans, travel plans or career

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December 24 , 2022 /


As we change seasons, travel from one time zone to another, move from one place to another there is a noticeable shift in our attitude, outlook and response.  When we move from the familiar to the unfamiliar, there is a period of adjustment of adaptation and becoming comfortable with the change.   Change is easier

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December 19 , 2022 /


Perhaps smaller than goals, more immediate and conscious, we set out to be or do something intending for it to happen because we have engaged our thought into an action.  We have heard “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  It was first published in Henry G. Bohn’s A Hand-book of Proverbs in

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