January 16 , 2019 /


First, watch this 8 minute video:


What this illustrates about people and organizations, such as schools, is how challenging it is to take on something entirely new and different.  Rewiring our brains in order to think and do different is not as easy as we might think.  Letting go of what we know and unlearning in order to rewire our brains can be extremely uncomfortable.  However, the willingness to go there may put you and others in a unique position to understand how to make something very different work in order to achieve your objectives.

Think for a moment about:

  • Redefining the learning experience to accommodate a different approach.
  • Redesigning the spaces in which learning takes place.
  • Writing an entirely new users’ manual and guide.
  • Moving from an open mind set to resetting the mind.
  • Starting over from scratch with a blank canvas.
  • Gathering the necessary and sufficient resources to make it happen

Just imagine that!



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