July 9 , 2019 /


Connecting beliefs with values –

I think I figured out why I have been having trouble with AI.  It’s not because I don’t support it or believe in it.  I know to some degree what it is and that it is an important part of the evolution of technology now and in the future.

Robotics played an important role for me last November in some heart surgery and I am grateful for both the technology and the skills of those utilizing “artificial intelligence.”

My problem is with the nomenclature.  I think of intelligence as real even if it’s mechanical. I think of artificial as something like astro turf, fake grass.  Maybe it’s like fake news, news that some defensive naysayers decry as made up and not real.  Or some kind of artificial body enhancement that is an add on or a subtraction. It’s still a real body, with alterations.

As it turns out, artificial is simply that made by humans and not occurring in the natural world. I understand and support that in many instances.  To the extent that AI will make the world a smarter, safer, healthier, better, more peaceful and equitable place, bring it on.


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