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For those who work hard, who work long hours, and are deeply engrossed in a particular job, a common fault seems to be that they do not take time out very often for their own renewal. The missing ingredient may be a plan that includes a commitment to honor the process of renewal and figure out what is required for that to happen and have a positive impact on the outcome.  It might be as simple as a week unplugged or as complex as changing jobs, a residence and building a community.

A little over four years ago a former colleague and friend contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting involved in helping to start a new school in a small town in southeastern Arkansas.  I did not know much about the town or what people there had in mind for a school. I knew my friend and colleague well enough to trust his instincts that if this was a worthwhile project, I would be interested.

What I found out that it was not just about a school. It was about an entire community and renewing it while respecting and honoring the history, culture and traditions of the region. The plan for renewal was inclusive, intentional and by design. One larger goal, among many of the ongoing projects designed to breathe new life into Wilson, Arkansas, was making the place attractive and appealing for people who might consider moving there. Those who want a particular kind of life-style, especially those who can work independently, or remotely, or who might own their own business could move their work to this location. The benefit cost ratio seems significant for those with the vision and energy who would like to capitalize on such an opportunity.

For individuals, couples or families who might want to escape the urban or suburban crunch and live and work in a somewhat rural area in a small town atmosphere and yet close to a metropolitan center, Wilson has a lot to recommend. For those who are interested in moving there, and either buying or building a house of their own design, or relocating a business where there is excellent connectivity, and comparatively inexpensive real estate, take a closer look.

My small part was helping to launch a new school so that families with young children could be assured of an excellent educational opportunity and experience for their kids. Fast forward to 2019 and a young school that is just three years old and a town that is being revitalized through the collective efforts and resources of many people. Here are more details about The Delta School: https://www.thedeltaschool.org   The featured image is of a grand stairway inside The Mansion known as Wildwood.  It has been repurposed and redesigned to be the main building of the school.  Other buildings on the 23 acred campus can be seen on the web site.

The school is concluding its search for its second head and the future is bright for both the school and the community.  The town is hosting events and becoming a more vibrant community with important resources available for everyone there and beyond in the larger community  More information and details about Wilson can be found on these two sites:

This story is far from finished and like so many other projects, it is a work in progress.  Are you curious?
Want to know more?  Go visit sometime in the near future and see for yourself if there could be an opportunity there that you could build on and be part of a larger effort too.  You get to write the next chapter in your life however you would like it to be.  Imagine that!




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