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Whether at work, at home or out in public, here are 7 behaviors for your consideration, reflection and review. These behaviors are generally well-known and obvious to those who practice them regularly. However, there are many for whom these might well enhance their performance and productivity.

1 – Exceed expectations

Go beyond the ordinary and the usual to be more extraordinary and unique. Be your own person and go the extra mile. The road is not crowded there.

2 – Respect others

Listen, regardless of differences; be free to disagree and do so with understanding and patience. Exercise self-respect along with restraint.

3- Use time wisely

No excuses, be on time and on schedule. The choices we make determine our use of time. Time is both a gift and a resource.

4 – Dress for the occasion

Decide what is appropriate and what’s not. If you can’t be attractive, don’t be an attraction. Neat and clean count.

5 – Communicate clearly

Be able to say what you mean, think before you speak, and make sure your mind is in gear before engaging your mouth.

6 – Widen your circle

Expand your network of contacts and relationships. Be more inclusive and enjoy the richness and benefits of diversity.

7 – Invest in integrity

Be known for being honest, trustworthy, kind and friendly; authentic, generous and gracious too. Doesn’t cost anything and is priceless.


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  1. Awesome. First of all, love this: “If you can’t be attractive, don’t be an attraction.” Never heard it before but now it’s a nugget that will stick with me. All of them are spot on. Makes me think of the routine I have with my children when I drop them off at school. I ask them, “What’s your job today?” They say, “Be your best and do your best.” So many of the things on this list are a part of that. Slowly but surely I’m working to make them explicit with my kids. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing your post with them. Thanks!


  2. Honored that you would share my post with your kids. They are lucky to have you on their team. Reminds me of something my Dad said to me that stuck which was, “Remember always to put in more than you take out.” There’s an illustration of where that came from on page 15 of my very brief memoir if you have a copy. If you don’t let me know and I’ll share it elsewhere. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response.

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