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July 27 , 2019 /


At dinner recently one of our daughters was talking about driving faster than the speed limit with her 12 year-old son reminding her she was “breaking the law” and daughter defended herself by saying she knew that if she got a speeding ticket she would have to pay the “consequences.”    I found that interesting enough

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July 21 , 2019 /


We like to plan a trip and then prepare for it.  Depending on how long, where we’re going and how we’re getting there, the time variable changes accordingly in all three categories. When starting a new project (pick one) we may have a vision for why we’re doing it, some specific objectives and then we

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July 19 , 2019 /


There is an unhealthy atmosphere in the current political climate. The most effective way to remove the prevailing onerous, as well as odorous, conditions is to remove the source. We know which actions make conditions worse and which make conditions better. If you want to help improve the situation and clear the air you know

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July 15 , 2019 /


There are five dimensions of human activity that are inextricably interrelated and interdependent. These are present regardless of our chronological age and they are not only important components in adult development, they are also factors that become even more critical in the aging process. Each one affects one or more of the others in ways

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July 9 , 2019 /


Connecting beliefs with values – I think I figured out why I have been having trouble with AI.  It’s not because I don’t support it or believe in it.  I know to some degree what it is and that it is an important part of the evolution of technology now and in the future. Robotics

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July 5 , 2019 /


What is plain English?  What are some the hallmarks of a good writer?  Who do you like to read and why?  If you can answer those questions easily, then you know what plain English is. Four of my favorite writers, among many, are David McCullough, Anne Lamott, Atul Gawande, and Malcolm Gladwell.  They are very

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