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July 25 , 2017 /


This thought or feeling can come to you, whether waking up one day, or at the end of yet another day. It is the uncomfortable moment when you think or feel that life as you know it sucks. What then are you willing to believe and to do to change that? Or do you think

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July 20 , 2017 /

REAL EDUCATION: Finding Joy in Excellence

Guest author, 96 year-old Dr. John A. Blaschke, shares his early learning experiences that have stayed with him throughout his life and his distinguished career.  In his own words: “WWII Naval Aviator where I learned discipline of self and the discipline of a greater cause. Graduate of Univ. Oklahoma College of Medicine 1950 made possible

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July 6 , 2017 /


The oldest tennis tournament in the world has a storied history and you can read about it if that’s your interest. It started in 1877 as a kind of garden party event and has grown into one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the others being the French, Australian and US Open tournaments. All are

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