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Monthly Archives: August 2016

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LABOR DAY 2016: Remember & Celebrate

There are literally hundreds of workers who have made our lives easier, better and more productive this past year and here are some of them by category.  I will thank a number of them personally this week and next for their good work.  I want them to know that their work is appreciated, that it

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For the past several weeks I have been musing on why the word back has seemed like an irritant and it became a little more clear this morning with a phone call about 2 of our 13 grandchildren going back to school today. For them and most students returning to school, it’s more of the

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About 6 years ago I wrote my “official” letter of retirement after 12 years of working in association with a fine and well-educated group of professional colleagues. I had the liberty and benefit of a “home office” in northern New Mexico during that time although that required a fair amount of travel. It’s the old

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: We are crashing your party!

Almost anyone who travels the U.S. is aware of the 100th birthday of the National Parks system. Beginning this past March, we have seen a series of articles detailing the crowds at the most popular parks and as a frequent traveler and visitor I was more than a little dismayed to hear of this. I

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THEN & NOW: Ancient and Timeless

\ Here is a story to share with your children, your students if you’re a teacher and anyone else who would appreciate the illustration. High in the Himalayan mountains lived a wise old man. Periodically, he ventured down into the local village to entertain the villagers with his special knowledge and talents. One of his

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“Two Things She Says to Me”

“I know I’ll never go hungry as long as I’m married to you.”   She laughs and I take it as a compliment to my work ethic. I’ve either had a job of some kind or could find one for most of my life. I just responded to someone that my first seven jobs were: pin

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