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July 24 , 2015 /


  The “Education Equation” has it wrong and change comes slowly.  A study conducted by the U. S. Department of Education in collaboration with Germany. perhaps Japan as well, concluded that we have it all wrong.  If you look at the education equation, we tend to hold time constant and make education the variable.  If

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July 8 , 2015 /

SPEAKING (in 55 words)

 Be sure your brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear. Once the words are out, you cannot take them back. You have power to threaten or comfort, to express anger or love. Choose carefully when you speak. The words are yours and you own them. Use words not to hurt but help and heal.

July 4 , 2015 /


I wrote this originally a few years ago and people seemed to enjoy it.  It’s good for a laugh at the end of another academic year so herewith a reprise.  10. MABS – Myopic, Apathetic, Blame Syndrome – This disease is characterized by lack of vision, indifference and the attempt to shift responsibility to other

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