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February 18 , 2015 /


The most effective leadership will include dimensions of change whether leading change in strategies, in goals, programs or personnel.  If change is inevitable, then the question is what kinds of specific change does your organization need and what resources do you need to move forward?  Do you need a cultural shift, systemic change or do

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February 8 , 2015 /


This phrase, “less is more” appeared in a love poem (line78) in 1855 by Robert Browning , “Andrea del Sarto” called The Faultless Painter. The phrase was adopted by Mies van der Rohe, an architect whom I studied briefly in an undergraduate course called “The House.”  He, along with a number of others, including Frank

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February 4 , 2015 /


      1.  Keep learning alive – Commit to becoming a life-long learner and whether or not you are an early adopter, consider how the world has changed and you along with it.  If you are not growing and changing you are falling behind because to stand still is to lose ground.  You can

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February 3 , 2015 /

JANUARY 2015 (in 55 words)

Another “new” year, one after the other, Marked by a special moment in time; Measured in some way, even celebrated. Once we turned the page on a hanging wall calendar Or in a day timer, diary or log Now some digital device gives us day, date and time. Effortless, without even needing to Remember anything.