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November 26 , 2014 /


Earlier this month, we held our annual Santa Fe Seminar with about 30 people from all over the country in attendance.  There was a contingent from California but also people from the Midwest and East as well.  Leadership and Design ( holds a number of workshops, seminars and gatherings and the one in Santa Fe

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November 15 , 2014 /

ORGANIZATION WELLNESS CHECK (another reprise or for some a surprise)

How well is it working?  Here are four indicators that you might review to get a better idea of where things stand according to these criteria.  They may suggest where you might want to consider a shift to something different in order to perform at a more efficient or productive level.   Structure –  How is

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November 11 , 2014 /


(Moving toward Thanksgiving, November 27, 2014) This phrase, “less is more” appeared in a love poem (line78) in 1855 by Robert Browning , “Andrea del Sarto” called The Faultless Painter. The phrase was adopted by Mies van der Rohe, an architect whom I studied briefly in an undergraduate course called “The House.”  He, along with

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November 9 , 2014 /

6429 – Follow up on the medical assembly line

“6429” More observations, experience and impressions – We walk into the day surgery unit at the local, regional, medical center at 5:30 AM Monday morning and are given a card with our number on it, #6429.  There are codes below the number that can give an update on the patient’s status, provided somewhere on a

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