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October 31 , 2014 /

Stories about Storytelling

The first story is about an outstanding teacher, one whom I hired in 1994 to teach language arts to 6th and 7thgraders.  Gwynn Spencer was a unique personality for many reasons, not the least of which was her passion for storytelling.  She had a great friend in Joe Hayes, an award winning author and teacher

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October 15 , 2014 /


Call it what you will, scaling down can be more challenging than scaling up.  What do you keep and what do you sell, disperse among family members, give away or recycle or throw away?  It’s an issue faced by those of us in the older generation who are making plans for the future that can

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October 9 , 2014 /


Our bodies, along with our minds, change over time and it is up to us to keep them functioning at an optimum level as long as we can consciously choose to do that.  Benjamin Franklin is credited with the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that seems to

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October 4 , 2014 /


Look at the synonyms for the word transition.  It is a rather amazing               list that attempts to describe a process or an experience. change, passage, move, transformation, conversion, metamorphosis, alteration, handover, changeover; segue, shift, switch, jump, leap, progression; progress, development, evolution, flux. I chose three words which, for me, capture the essence of a transition,

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