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September 25 , 2014 /


Making an executive decision requires more than using that part of your brain called “executive functioning” which can be defined as “a set of cognitive abilities that control and regulate other abilities and behaviors. Executive functions are necessary for goal-directed behavior. They include the ability to initiate and stop actions, to monitor and change behavior

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September 22 , 2014 /


The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. This happens either on September 22, 23, or 24 every year. This year, 2014, it happens on Tuesday, September 23 at 2:29 UTC, which for me in

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September 20 , 2014 /

LEARNING FROM ASINTMAH (Native American Goddess of Nature)

Photosynthesis is as natural to plants as eating is to humans.  In fact, there are some similarities with several significant exceptions.  One is that plants seldom overeat.  They take what they need, water from the ground through their roots, CO2 from the air and sunlight to turn water and CO2 into oxygen and glucose.  The

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September 17 , 2014 /


I rented a car from Budget in Indianapolis and then I saw it sitting there in H-13 in the underground garage.  It was a little white box on wheels called SOUL.   It has no soul.  It has very little power and almost no personality.  I was suspicious when I first saw this car on the

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September 14 , 2014 /

The Real World and Success for Every Child

The Real World and Success For Every Child When you’re assigned to a job and you can’t do it, you either learn how to do it or you’re fired.  Maybe you need to be in a different environment with different supervisors or mentors.  Maybe you need some remedial instruction or perhaps you need to find

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September 11 , 2014 /


Is it just me or has this word “anyway”  crept into conversations to the extent that it’s distracting?  Is it the new “whatever” or is it merely a pause while the speaker collects her thoughts to figure out what’s coming next?  Would silence be better?   The definition of “anyway” says that it’s used to confirm

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