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Part of my morning meditation included reading this article by Margaret Wheatley: // and that took me back to all the times we have crossed a border, north, south, east or west.  What I found was that regardless of country, language or culture, people are all of the same species, homo sapiens, although one has

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SMALL HOUSE MOVEMENT – Check it out on a web search.  Fascinating and appealing, at least to some of us older folks who have lived in larger houses, in different places over the years.  We often hear people talking about “downsizing” and we all know what that means.  I like to refer to it as

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FOG The origin of the word is obscure but we all know its meaning. It is usually associated with damp, moist and thick air where Sound travels better although it might seem muffled. Apparently the drops of water in fog are not connected And it’s really hard to see (or think) in a very thick

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