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May 31 , 2014 /

Is 21st century education obsolete?

Can you imagine using a cell phone that is 10 years old?  I have seen a few but not many.  Driving a 10-year- old car has become more possible since that is merely a 2004 model and cars haven’t radically changed all that much in terms of performance, especially as they enable you to get

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May 26 , 2014 /

MEMORIAL DAY (in 55 words)

A day of remembering, set aside as a holy day (holiday) “Set apart” from all the others. Intended to honor the lives of those Who made the ultimate sacrifice, gave their lives in service To their country in time of war. We also remember those who are gone and no longer here to help Celebrate.

May 25 , 2014 /

The Spirit of Effective Leadership – Ten Characteristics

The “spirit” of outstanding leaders I have known can be seen, heard and felt in at least the following ten ways.  These are not in any order of priority.  What do you think of these descriptions? 1 – Enthusiastic and energetic – There are many different ways of expressing one’s spirit of enthusiasm, whether overtly

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May 7 , 2014 /


Most effective and successful leadership includes dimensions and degrees of change whether change in strategies, goals, programs or personnel.  If change is inevitable, then the question is what kinds of change does your organization need and what resources do you need to move forward? Charts and graphs based on gathered data can illustrate past and

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May 3 , 2014 /

TREES- (another 55 word exercise)

They are tall, short, thick and thin, branches outstretched. Some are deciduous, some are coniferous, Buds and blooms, setting fruit. Many varieties, growing in clusters and alone. Providing shade, lumber and beauty. Many growing old, others not lasting as long. Very much like people, planted on the earth. Swaying in the wind, steadfast and waiting.