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March 29 , 2014 /


Some time ago I wrote a short piece called “No Virtue in Being Busy.” My point was to say that I believe there is very little value in how busy we appear to be because our calendars and schedules are full to overflowing.  A follow up article published here recently was called “The Appearance of

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March 17 , 2014 /


Thursday, March 21, will mark the vernal equinox this year, the time when night and day are very much the same length.   If you want to get precise about it, it will happen at 16:57 UTC or 12:57 PM EDT.  That’s when the tilt of Earth relative to the Sun is zero, which means that

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March 11 , 2014 /


  Here is a brief summary of what leaders must deal with internally, almost all the time. 11-   Understanding the difference between your work and your job. Work is your passion, what you care about the most whether reaching goals, accomplishing big projects or meaningful personal relationships with colleagues. Your job is what you

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March 7 , 2014 /

Contrived, Corporate and Controlled – By Design

It took me several days to figure out what was bothering me and it was the same nagging feeling that arose 50 years ago in New York about an economy based on SPEND, BUY, WASTE, WANT, and BORROW.  I called it the cycle of the new economic imperatives and my conflict came about because of

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March 6 , 2014 /

LENT 2014 Religious or Not, More Light: Reading the Signs

I have had a long and running conversation, mostly with myself, about these 40+ days that begin in the liturgical calendar with Ash Wednesday, just after Shrove or Fat Tuesday, and continue until just before Easter.  Historically this was a time of fasting and prayer in the organized church, a penitential season of spiritual preparation

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