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January 31 , 2014 /


For the past nine years, one of my office windows, the one I faced while sitting at my desk, gave me a wonderful view east and thus I saw many glorious sunrises in northern New Mexico.  I am also linked to the weather wunderground (www.wunderground) which gives me sufficient data to know current and future

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January 27 , 2014 /


In Louis Menand’s New Yorker (Jan27) review of Scott Stossel’s book, “My Age of Anxiety” (Knopf) Menand gives a fairly good historical perspective on how the topic of anxiety has been researched, described and treated.  And, like Stossel’s condition, not a whole lot has changed in the so-called human condition of the reaction to the

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January 18 , 2014 /


Two recent “events” have given me pause to consider how they are real and symbolic regarding what is the constant in our lives, and that is, of course, change.  We are all about change of one kind or another, most of the time.  Some are big changes, really big life changes and some are small

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January 1 , 2014 /

TURNING THE PAGE, with David Eagleman

Whether it is with a finger, an arrow or feeling the paper and not a virtual page, it is a new year, a new month and a new day.    Remember paper calendars that hung on the wall?  Some were from local businesses and presented as a gift at the end of the year.  They were

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