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May 27 , 2013 /

The Seven C’s of Competent Leadership

1. Communication that is clear, concise, compelling and timely.  Stay in touch with customers’  information that keeps them connected 2. Collaboration that is supportive and encouraging.  It takes time, effort and energy,  but the results are compelling. 3. Confidence that inspires mutual trust, mutual respect and the open sharing of information, otherwise known as transparency

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May 25 , 2013 /

Is 21st Century Education Obsolete?

Can you imagine using a cell phone that is 10 years old?  I have seen a few but not many.  Driving a 10-year- old car has become more possible since that is merely a 2003 model and cars haven’t radically changed all that much in terms of performance, especially as they enable you to get

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May 20 , 2013 /

A Rooster Named Jack

Jack is our third in a series of roos.  The first was Rex, the chosen male of several Ameracauna roosters, and he was a kingly sort, regal in appearance and behavior.  He ruled the roost and kept his girls in sight, pretending to lead them around as our chickens are free ranging.  Although we have

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