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October 14 , 2012 /

A Personal Reflection

$1749.20 per ounce – The Price of Gold and My Priceless Golden Girl 7:30 AM, October 14, Abiquiu, New Mexico The sun is streaming through the cottonwood trees and it is as if this brilliant sunlight is making them shine like gold.  I look out my three office windows into a veritable forest of gold,

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October 12 , 2012 /

LEARNING from ASINTMAH (earth/nature goddess, Native American)

Fall Colors! Photosynthesis is as natural to plants as eating is to humans.  In fact, there are some similarities with several significant exceptions.  One is that plants seldom overeat.  They take what they need, water from the ground through their roots, CO2 from the air and sunlight to turn water and CO2 into oxygen and

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