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Monthly Archives: September 2012

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I was called recently by a school head to see if I would be interested in helping him and a few others look at their most recent strategic plan and explore ways that it might be renewed, revitalized and given some new life and energy.  At least that is what I heard in his question.  

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Seasonal Transitions

It seems like we are often in some kind of transition or shift from one state to another, from one status to another, from one activity to another, from one stage of life to another or even from one time to another.  Does that all make sense in your own observations and experience?  Maybe it’s

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I remember a 1940’s radio program called “The Life of Riley” starring William Bendix who played Chester A. Riley, and he used to say, “What a revoltin’ development this has turned out to be!”  Bugs Bunny may have picked it up as well.  The phrase came to me this morning as I was thinking about

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An Opening in the Clouds Above the Mountain

This morning when I woke up, I looked out the window (at 3 AM) and there was a strange narrow band of light above the mountain, Sierra Negra, which is across the river from where I live.  I wondered what it was, why it was there, what conditions caused it to be and then, upon

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There are numerous workers who have made my life easier, better or more productive this past year and I want to list them by category and thank a number of them personally for their good work.  Here are my top ten: 1.  Medical personnel including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators 2.  Police, fire, safety and

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