LESS <> MORE: 15 examples

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LESS <> MORE: 15 examples

No introduction.  What’s your thought about Less is More?  Here’s the list:
Less Work        <>     More time

Less stuff         <>     More space

Less expense   <>    More resources

Less wind         <>    More calm

Less stress       <>    More health

Less worry        <>    More happy

Less confusion <>    More clarity

Less weight      <>    More capacity

Less fast           <>    More slow

Less noise        <>    More quiet

Less pollution   <>    More clean

Less hate          <>    More love

Less fear           <>    More faith

Less anger        <>    More kindness

Less war           <>    More peace

No conclusion.  You draw your own and share if you would like in comments.

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    1. Thanks! Intentionally left out introduction and conclusion so you can draw your own and you have, beautifully. Not many will get that as well as you do.

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